Charlotte Geary Photography

Thank you Charlotte for speaking with Rob Chevez about Charlotte Geary Photography, your locally run business!

How do you tell a story without using any words?  A great photographer will capture you visually. Their portraits will capture the essence of their subject and landscapes will have all the colors you would see if you were actually there.  Charlotte Geary is not only a local Restonite she is also a very talented photographer!


”In photography and in life, I’m drawn to vibrant color, happy energy, natural scenery, and a great story.”  I specialize in portraits, events, and lifestyle for small businesses and families. I also offer fine art scenic photography for purchase in my online shop.


Since 2001, my photography business has led me to destinations around the country to document people’s stories. Years of experience have taught me how to make people feel comfortable and confident in front of a camera. I’m known for a joyful style of photography with candid authenticity, bright colors, and lots of heart.


Before starting my photography business 18 years ago, I earned a masters degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Virginia, with an emphasis in photography education. I’ve been a photographer since childhood, with many years of formal training.”


We are very spoiled living in Reston, we get to enjoy Charlotte’s photography a lot.  I can absolutely say without a doubt, she is an amazing visual storyteller!



1698 Chimney House Road
Reston, VA 20190

Phone Number

(703) 828-4970

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