TKO Paintings

Thank you Taylor and Bryan for speaking with Rob Chevez about TKO Paintings, your locally run business!

Reston has so many talented and cool people who live and work here!  I would like you to meet Taylor Kampa Olson and Bryan Olson.  

Taylor is an artist and paints everything from portraits, abstracts, murals and now makes her own prints.  You may have seen some of her work featured by the NHL, the Washington Capitals, West Elm and a number of other places in DC.  Any fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Be prepared to be WOW’ed! Taylor also does commissioned work as well.  

You can see all of TKO Paintings amazing art on social media and the website.  I love the time lapse videos!



1612 Washington Plaza N
Reston, VA 20190

Phone Number

(703) 481-9766


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