Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

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Did you know the art pieces that change in the courtyard at Reston Town Center with the water feature are there thanks to Tephra ICA? Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA and formerly known as GRACE Art) is a non-profit, non-collecting institution committed to promoting innovative contemporary art and thinking. The word “tephra” – matter ejected from geothermal eruptions that lands upon, nourishes, and changes the surrounding environment – emphasizes the institution’s belief in the combustibility of creativity and the generation of ideas and growth that the arts can provide. They are devoted to celebrating artists and value the power of art to broaden perspectives, start difficult conversations, and consider alternative ideas. They work with artists, galleries, institutions, universities, thought leaders, and collectors globally. Thank you Tephra ICA for creating a beautiful exhibition space and experience for the Reston community.



12001 Market St #103
Reston, VA 20190

Phone Number

(703) 471-9242

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